Books, Books, Books


Do you enjoy reading?


Do you enjoying letting your imagination

go on trips while reading?


Our library study area is a new place in the library. In this area students go and complete reading activities or investigate/research a topic that is being taught in their classrooms.

Our Staff Enjoy Reading Too

there is also a wall were there are photos of teachers reading their favourite picture, magazine or novel books. Students never tire of looking for their teacher’s photo that are in the library. It really excites them to see their teachers and others that they have had in past reading a book.

Kilberry Valley Primary School always participates

in different reading programs these include:

Premiers Reading challenge and this year is no different so everyone is encouraged to read, the books that are listed.

National Stimulus Story Time each year our staff prepare literature based activities and listen to this chosen story that will be released in May, along with other school around Australia.


Websites of some Australian authors and illustrators- click here

Library System (Oliver)



If you are at school you want to search our library for books and other here

NOTE: Oliver will not be accessible outside of school.






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