Kilberry Valley Primary School newsletter is available online.


Kilberry Valley Primary School produces a weekly newsletter which is generally distributed on Wednesdays. The newsletter provides a message from the Principal, timeline of upcoming events, newsworthy articles and student contributions, notices of awards and advertisements from the local community.


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The newsletters are created in English and we recommend you use Google Translate to view in your preferred language.

Term 1 2021

3rd February

17th February

3rd March

17th March

31st March


Term 2 2021

28th April

12th May

26th May

16th June


Term 3 2021

15th July

28th July

12th August

8th September


Term 4 2021

15th October

10th November

24th November

15th December

17th December




The above PDFs are created in English and we recommend you cut and paste the documents text into Google Translate to view in your preferred language.


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