Performing Arts Program

Music Classroom Program

In the early years, students focus on beat, rhythm, pitch, tempo and dynamics through the use of song, dance and percussion instruments.
In the middle years, students begin formal music reading, focusing on notes in the treble clef stave. They learn to read, write and play tunes on glockenspiels, and in Year 4 begin to learn some guitar skills.
In the senior years, students use their musical skills to create soundscapes and movie scores. In Year 5 they learn to play a 3-part film theme song on glockenspiel, and in Year 6 they compose their own music.


Drama Classroom Program

In the Junior Years, there is an emphasis on developing creativity and exploring dramatic situations.
In Prep, students are encouraged to use their imaginations to explore characters and settings during structured dramatic play.
Year 1 students investigate dramatic role-play and creating and exploring characters in different situations.
Year 2 students build on the skills they have developed in the junior years by exploring process drama and work with each other to offer and accept ideas.
During the middle years, students look at the more technical aspects of drama and how they integrate with other areas of the curriculum.
 In Year 3, students explore dramatic elements, including space, contrast, tension, character, voice and time. They use these elements to improve their performances and understanding of drama.
In Year 4, students focus on combining drama with literacy and literature.  
In the senior years, Year 5 students look at how scripted performances create characters and action. They build contexts and dramatic meaning. In Year 6, classes focus on improvisation, leading up to an in-school Theatresports event in Term 4. They also explore the themes surrounding ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ by William Shakespeare.
During Terms 2 and 3, all students learn and rehearse a performance that is incorporated into the school musical. There are also opportunities for students to have additional roles in the musical during their class scenes.


We have a double room allocated for all things Performing Arts.  We are proud of our program and the opportunities it provides our students in music and drama.


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