Visual Arts

We are very excited and proud of our students visual art work! 


Our hallways, offices and classrooms are alive with colour for our school community to enjoy.


2018 Visual Arts


Examples of Previous Visual Arts Units


Arts Unit - Birds

Children learned various skills and concepts about line, shape, colour and design

through activities on birds. Papier mache proved a big hit with many grades, as did the use of feathers and texture.  Lots of colourful work was produced to decorate the school passage ways and classrooms.


Preps Unit - Sydney Nolan’s paintings 

Ned Kelly and created their own colourful version using a torn tissue paper background and collage.  They had fun learning about bushrangers.


Preps began the year looking at shapes and colour. They created some interesting shape monsters which involved them learning to cut precisely with scissors and to make concertina folds for the arms and legs.


Year One Unit - Sydney Nolan’s Paintings

These amazing pictures are a version of “The Irises” by Vincent Van Gogh.  Grade Ones spent three weeks painting a background, creating origami style flowers and folded leaves to create a 3D style picture. They are beautiful!


Year Two Unit - Van Gogh’s Starry Night

These examples of art were recreated using a combination of paint, pastel and collage.  Some of the students were very precise in creating the buildings at the bottom of the painting.


Year Two Unit - Art & Maths Links

Our year two students created shape aliens using symmetry which resulted in some bright and colourful collage creations.


At the start of term 2 the whole school had a focus on History and the ANZACS.  Year 2 had a visit to the Shrine of Remembrance and they created a collaged image from their knowledge. This included the Eternal Flame and decorating to create brick patterns.



Year Three Unit - Pro Harts 'Splatter'

What an awesome time the grade three's had when they recreated Pro Harts “splatter” style painting of dragonflies! They squirted paint, flicked brushes, used combs to drag paint in swirls and, of course, used their hands to create a colourful (and messy!) background. Once the paint had dried they used textiles to create the dragonfly in the centre. It was so much fun!



Year Three Unit - Concentric Circles

In pairs students created large cardboard squares decorated with concentric circles. This showed a link between Art and Math concepts. The squares were joined together to make enormous cubes which will hang from the roof in the year 3/ 4 Gallery area.


Year Four Unit - Sydney Nolan’s Ned Kelly Series

Sydney Nolan’s Ned Kelly series was the inspiration for an outback picture of Ned Kelly on his horse. The grade four experimented with texture paste to create texture in the bark of the trees and bushes before using pastel for the background. Ned Kelly was made with collage. These were quite professional looking pictures.


Year Five Unit - Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci

The grade five's started with a picture of the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci and created a modern version of their own. The brief was that their new character still had to be recognisable as Mona Lisa, but could be from any era. As a result, there were many wonderful new versions of this famous painting being created on small canvases. The students were able to use any variety of mixed media to complete their project.


Year Six Unit - Geometric

Trying to think in geometric, straight lines was a little different for the grade six when creating a face. Many of Picasso’s paintings were used as inspiration to finally come up with a colourful, abstract face. To add another dimension, these faces were then transferred onto thick plastic sheeting and coloured using paint pens.


With a whole school focus on the ANZACS in term 2, our year 6 students created silhouette collages of soldiers at the Dawn service.


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