Physical Education and Health

The Physical Education Program at Kilberry Valley Primary School allows students to continue to develop their fundamental movement skills as they progress through year levels.


We believe our programs enables students to develop:

Team Work, Co-Operation and Respect.

Students are able to showcase their skills in the following events:

Athletics Day

Cross Country and The Kilberry Valley Fun Run

Kea cup Netball Tournament

Kanga 8’s Cricket Tournament

Competing in various inter-school events

District Swimming events

KVPS Athletics carnival



Prep-Year 2

Students participate in a variety of activities aimed to target their fundamental movement skills. This semester students focused on the development of Kicking “Soccer” Style, Underarm Throwing and Dribbling “Basketball” style.






Senior Physical Education

Students undertake work within their 'Sportfolios', allowing students to track their progress and focus on achieving personal best results. During Semester one students participated in 7 Athletic events and showcased their progressions at the Kilberry Valley Athletics Carnival. 


Winter inter-school sport starts in term 2 where grade 6 students have the opportunity to compete against other local schools in the district. Students select a sport from Netball, football, Tee-ball, Soccer and Kickball.

Camping Program - Years 4 to Years 6



It is a Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) that allows them to develop their gross and fine motor skills, as well as basic fundamental movements like balancing, jumping, climbing, throwing and catching.  A child's perception and understanding of him/her self and his/her world is enhanced and improvement through movement and motor experiences.

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