A Message from the KVPS Leadership Team

Welcome to Kilberry Valley Primary School, where we strive daily to ‘Make the Difference’ to meet the needs of every student


Please navigate your way through the website to see the wonderful programs and opportunities that are offered at Kilberry Valley Primary School. If English is not your preferred language, you can also use the web page’s ''Translation' button that is available on each page

of the website.


As an inclusive school our vision of  'Developing Responsible Learners For a Changing Society' 

is at the forefront of everything we do.



Kilberry Valley Primary School’s values are:

Respect, Integrity, Accountability, Responsiveness, Impartiality, Leadership and Human Rights


We demonstrate respect for our students, staff and school community by treating them fairly and objectively; ensuring freedom from discrimination; harassment and bullying; and using others views to improve outcomes on an ongoing basis.


We demonstrate and model integrity by being honest, open and transparent in our dealings; using powers responsibly; reporting improper conduct; avoiding any real or apparent conflicts of interest; striving to earn and sustain public trust of a high level.


We demonstrate accountability by working to clear objectives in a transparent manner;

accepting responsibility for our own decisions and actions; seeking to achieve best use of resources; submitting themselves to appropriate scrutiny.


We strive to demonstrate responsiveness by providing frank, impartial and timely advice; providing high quality services to the whole school community; identifying and promoting best practice.


We model and demonstrate impartiality by making decisions and providing advice on merit and without bias, caprice, favouritism or self-interest; acting fairly by objectively considering all relevant facts; and implementing Department and school policies and programs equitably.



We model and demonstrate leadership by actively implementing, promoting and supporting each of these values.



We respect and promote human rights set out in the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities by making decisions and providing advice consistent with human rights and actively implementing, promoting and supporting human rights.



Kilberry Valley Primary School is situated in Hampton Park and had a student enrolment of approximately 528 in 2022 at Census.  Our school community is enriched by the experiences and backgrounds of families representing 40 nationalities and 42 languages other than English spoken at home. 


Kilberry Valley Primary School promotes an inclusive environment focused on continuous improvement in learning, encouraging all members of the school community to become motivated, active and reflective learners. The school community continues to embrace the use of information technology to challenge our students and communicate with each other.


Our specialist programs are exemplary in Media Arts, Performing Arts, Physical Education, English as an Additional Language, and Spanish. With a fully operational TV Studio, full size indoor basketball court and gym, 4 outside playground areas, a Wellbeing Centre with a dedicated mindfulness room and Community Centre.


Our inclusive practices see staff working tirelessly to ensure that every student who enrols at Kilberry Valley Primary School receives the best educational opportunities we can offer. In 2022, approximately 6.60% of the school population (38 students) received Program for Students with Disability Funding (PSD) and 7.34% of the school population (45 students) had an identified impairment or disability. As a result of our strong desire to ensure all students have positive educational opportunities and our successful inclusive practices, we continue to assist other schools in their inclusive strategies and approaches through professional development sessions and many visitations from other schools.


Of our student population, 53% have an English as an Additional Language background adding to the multi-cultural component of our school community enriching many aspects of our school life.


Kilberry Valley Primary School operates an exclusive YouTube channel, ‘Kilberry Live’ that contains all of the productions made through our Film Studio. Further to this, this year we have created another channel ‘Kilberry Connect’ to run alongside our Remote & Flexible Learning model this year. Both of these channels will give you a great insight into the programs and opportunities available at our school. Most of our assemblies are streamed Live on our Facebook page and special events are also available through the Kilberry Connect channel for your convenience.


Our current strategic plan outlines our main school goals as being:

Student Learning

To optimise and accelerate the learning growth of every student in English, Mathematics and Science. 

Student Engagement

To develop students who are curious, inquiring, creative, critical thinkers who are engaged in and connected to their learning.

Student Wellbeing

To develop resilient students, staff and school community members who display growth mindsets and behaviours and attitudes that reflect the school values.


In 2022, Kilberry Valley Primary School will be undertaking a School Review to review and evaluate our progress of this Strategic Plan in order to develop a new plan for the next 4 years.


If you are new to our school, I welcome and encourage you to explore the benefits of being a student and member of our school community here at Kilberry Valley by reviewing other areas of our school website.


If you are enquiring about our wonderful school, I hope the website gives you the information you require. If you wish to know anything else, please do not hesitate to contact the school office on 97028688.


School Tours

School Tours can be booked via our school office (97028688) weekly for a Tuesday morning, on request of an agreed time or there is an online Virtual Tour, available here.




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