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Kilberry Valley Primary School Digital Technologies Program


These are copy of our for the purposes of our Non-English speaking parents to read this forms information before signing.  Please use the 'Google' Translate' feature to select your preferred language:


ICT and Internet Usage Code of Practice

Years 3 to 6


Student Agreement

I agree to use the Internet in a responsible manner, but if I find myself in unsuitable locations I will immediately click on HOME or turn the monitor off and inform the teacher.  I agree to act in a responsible manner when communicating using any computer devices or the Internet.


When using any Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) and Internet at Kilberry Valley Primary School, I will:

  • only work on a computer or the internet for purposes specified by my teacher.
  • not give out personal information such as my surname, address, telephone number, parents’ work address/telephone number, or anything that can identify me, my family or where I live.
  • never upload my photo without first checking with my teacher.
  • never use another person’s media (images, audio or video) without first checking with my teacher and the student to whom it belongs.
  • compose e-mails, blogs and wiki messages using only language I understand is acceptable in my school.
  • not respond to any messages that are unpleasant or that make me feel uncomfortable in any way and contact a trusted adult as soon as possible.
  • only upload things that I have created myself or I have permission to use. I will not copy people's ideas without their permission.
  • not download files (e.g. music and video files) that are not for purposes specified by the teacher.
  • not use the Internet to frighten or annoy another person.
  • not encourage or influence other students to use technologies and the Internet to break any of these rules.
  • follow school guidelines and procedures when preparing materials for publication on the web.
  • promptly report any breaches of these rules that I discover to a staff member.
  • follow school guidelines, procedures and program rules when using school subscribed websites at all times (this also applies at home with my parent/guardian supervision).
  • Follow school guidelines, procedures and program rules when using ‘wearable’ technologies, such as watches and devices with applications (apps) and potential connectivity.
  • remember to follow the school’s Golden Rules when using technologies and Internet at all times.


I understand that breaches of the rules will see me lose my computer usage, subscribed websites and Internet access rights for a period of time determined by the school.


Student Name: ________________________________   Grade: ___________


Student Signature: ______________________________   Date: ____________________


Parent/Guardian Internet Usage Agreement


I agree to ____________________________________ using the Internet and other Technologies


at Kilberry Valley Primary School for educational purposes in accordance with the Student Agreement above.


I understand the school will provide adequate supervision and monitoring and that steps have been taken to minimise risk of exposure to unsuitable material through filtering and restricted access. I realise it is my responsibility as a parent/guardian to supervise and monitor my own child’s computer and Internet use outside of school.


Parent or Guardian’s Name_______________________________________


Parent or Guardian’s Signature______________________ Date__________





Kilberry Valley Primary School

E-mail and Web 2.0 Permission Form



Dear Parents and Guardians,


E-mail: Kilberry Valley Primary School recognises that e-mail is a useful communication tool that is used in everyday life. Students need to learn the skills involved in using this important tool. Using an e-mail address also allows for students to register with great Web 2.0 tools (dynamic user generated content websites).


Our students from grade 3 to grade 6 will be receiving Kilberry Valley Primary School email addresses once this permission form has been handed in.


Web 2.0: The internet has grown in the availability of Web 2.0 applications (dynamic user generated content websites). These are a resource to enhance our curriculum. Although these applications are widely used by the education community, in many cases, their Terms of Service require explicit parental permission for students under the age of 13 to use a particular site.  As these sites are instrumental in the development of our curriculum, we are asking that you and your child read this document, sign the permission slip and return the notice to the school. 






Kilberry Valley Primary School

Email And Web 2.0 Permission Form


Student Signature


I have read and agree to the rules for use of e-mail/Web 2.0 applications and will follow the rules outlined.



Student signature                                          Class               Date


Parent Signature


I have read and agree to the rules for use of email/Web 2.0 applications at Kilberry Valley and give permission for my child, _______________________________  to participate in using Web 2.0 applications to enhance their learning opportunities.  If there are any exceptions to the tools please contact your child’s ICT teacher.



Parent signature                                                   Date       







RULES and Updated sites information


Below are some of the Web 2.0 applications (dynamic user generated content websites) currently in use across Kilberry Valley Primary School.  When further sites are added, the teacher will gain approval from school leadership to ensure its appropriateness. Keep an eye out at this page for updates.


1. Edmodo       2. Abcya       3. Padlet      4. Bubbl.us      5. Wordle     6. Skype      7. Khan Academy      8. Weebly    
9. Seesaw       10. Literacy Planet      11. Mathletics        12. Prodigy     13. Epic



Rules for Web 2.0 Applications

  • No student may change or delete the work of another student without permission from both that student and the teacher.
  • The teacher will make every reasonable effort to monitor conduct using this tool during school time in order to maintain a positive learning community. All students and guests will respect each others’ work.
  • Use of copyrighted material (such as pictures you find on the web) must be done with proper credit. Check with your ICT teacher to be sure you know how to do this correctly.


Rules for E-mail:

  • The email address is to be used for educational purposes that are related to the students’ learning in class.
  • The email will not be used by parents to communicate with teachers or anyone else. At Kilberry Valley Primary School we believe that it is best to communicate in person or via telephone to get our messages across clearly.
  • All use of these tools (including e-mail and Web 2.0 tools) must be used in accordance with the school’s ICT Policy, even if you do the work from devices outside of school. 


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