eSafety and Digital Citizenship


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This is a form of communication we provide to the school community and I direct you to the Correct Usage protocols page that is posted in the links below.


Kilberry Valley Primary School- Facebook Code of Conduct


Online resources for teachers, students and parents:

Visit the iParent area of the eSafety website.  Click here

  • Topics include:

    Does your preschool child have access to connected devices?

    Your child’s first smartphone – are they old enough?

    Screen time for your child – 7 tips

    Online safety: a guide for parents and carers

    Screen Smart Parent Tour

    YouTube Parental Controls

    How much time do you spend on YouTube?
    Find out with YouTube's new "Time Watched" feature!



A Councillor will answer your call.  They will listen and help you work through your worries.  What you talk about is between you and your counsellor and you don't even have to tell us your name.







The above PDFs and links are created in English and we recommend you cut and paste the documents text into Google Translate to view in your preferred language.


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