Applications for onsite attendance - Term 4

Applications for onsite attendance -
Term 4 Week 1 - Click on read more  below to see the choices of document links.

Applications for onsite attendance - Term 4 Week 1
Application to be completed and email to the school by  - Week 10 - Friday 9.00am  -  September 18th.
Please contact our administration office if you require further consideration.

On-site Supervision Program:

The on-site supervision program will continue for next term. The conditions of this program are continued to be set out by the Department of Education. This program is only for children of Permitted workers and for vulnerable students. Both of these terms have a very specific criterion. Please see below:


1.       If a child is unable to be supervised at home and no other arrangements can be made as parents are a permitted worker. (Note: A copy of the worker’s permit must be provided to school)*;

2.       If a child is identified by the Department of Education, DHHS OR the school as vulnerable and ‘at risk’;

3.       If a child has a disability and is vulnerable or the family is experiencing severe stress. Please note that the school will contact you to discuss this request further and confirm the need for on-site attendance.*

Application forms are available from our school web site at and are due back to school by 4pm Thursday afternoon via the school email. Thank you

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