Welfare Program

Here at Kilberry Valley Primary School we value the emotional and social development of your child. Currently we provide a variety of programs such as:

  • You Can Do It - student program
  • Regular updates and information in our weekly newsletter
  • 'Kid's Hope Mentoring' and 'Life-Skills Program', both these programs are available for selected students.


Our whole school behaviour initiatives revolve around restorative practices.  These follow a six step student behaviour management program that compliments and reinforces the school's five 'Golden Rules'.  




Throughout the year our student leaders present episodes focused on the concepts of the 'You Can Do it' program. This is part of our whole school approach to welfare and makes our school community a special one.

Students, with the support of teachers, decide the topic, scripting, directing and filming of these episodes.


We are very proud at Kilberry Valley Primary School that our 'student voice' can be heard throughout these productions.


Who better to be role models to our students? Our fantastic 'Student Leaders'.


Watch our 'You Can Do it' segments on Kilberry Live Youtube Channel.

Our 'You Can Do It' Program has been running since 2012 and we are very proud of this program.

Welfare articles from our previous weekly newsletters.

Please view by clicking on the document links below.

1. Making a positive transition to school

2. Supporting children's learning at home and school

3. Emotions and self-concept

4. Getting help for your child

5. Different temperament patterns

6. How children's emotions develop and change

7. Helping children with schoolwork

8. How parents and carers can help their children's learning


The above PDFs are created in English and we recommend you cut and paste the documents text into Google Translate to view in your preferred language.


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