Learning Links-Literacy

Storybird   Storybird lets anyone make visual stories in seconds.
ABCya   Games and activities for primary students on the web.
ABC SPLASH   Check out these awesome topics aligned to the Australian curriculum!

STARFALL   Where children have fun learning to read!
MEEGenius  MeeGenius digitizes children's stories, classic and new, and adds features such as word highlighting and audio playback for easy read-along.  Allow time for books to load.  Available on the iPad also.
Literacy Zone   Woodslands School in the UK have created a great site with various educational links and resources. This site provides activities and games in: words and spelling, grammar, punctuation and writing.
BBC Kids Bitsize Literacy Activities (KS2 = Ages 7 to 11)    Reading, writing and spelling and grammar skills can help you tell a story, share your ideas, write a letter and make sense of instructions.

FUN WITH SPOT    Adventures and games with Spot the puppy.


SKOOVILLE   Build your own web page and keep in contact with your friends. Send them an email.


STORYLINE ONLINE    Video's featuring famous people reading children's books aloud.


SPELLING CITY    Allows you type in your own spelling words and then creates lots of games for you to play.  Have fun and learn your spelling words at the same time.


Do you want to practise your PUNCTUATION. This is a fun way to help you remember full stops and commas.


Do you have a favourite author or illustrator?  Want to learn more about them and other books they have written or illustrated? Here are website links about some Australian authors and illustrators- click here



Parent Helpers Workshops Links


Oxford Owl

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Soundwaves chants and actions 

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 Jack Hartmann  - Sounds of the Alphabet

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